If financial guides leave you perplexed (or comatose), this is where you belong. Zombie Economics avoids dusty, small-print advice, and is a straightforward, no-frills guide to changing your life.

We, the authors of Zombie Economics, have been unemployed. We've been in debt. We know what it's like to subsist on a diet of Ramen noodles and fear.

Out of necessity, we learned to survive; to confront and defeat our monetary demons.

We also discovered a strange financial truth:

Every skill required to survive a financial downturn mirrors a skill required to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Economics is based on that one simple premise.

Zombie Economics isn't kitsch, isn't camp. It is entertaining. It is compelling.

And it can save your financial life.

Zombie Economics illustrates -via a powerful narrative and real-world examples- the serious and insidious threats posed by unstable finances.


You must face these dangers...and you must take them down. We show you how in a very direct manner: every chapter frames a specific financial challenge in the stark, no-nonsense context of war against the undead. From the creeping spread of unpaid bills to the lumbering advance of creditors, the convoluted language found in most financial guides is stripped away, and what remains is a clear, step-by-step guide to financial survival.

And because we know that every situation is unique, we include customized worksheets so you can determine your own precise strengths and vulnerabilities...as well as the strategy which matches your situation.

Zombie Economics guides you out of the trenches, acting as both weapon and shield as you fight your way to financial stability.

We designed Zombie Economics to be engaging, to be unapologetic...and to transform potential victims into survivors.


“I love this book. It's a perfect roadmap to get out of a financial nightmare. This is a serious guide for people who hate self-help books and want some adventure along with their advice.”

—Host of CNN’s Your Money, and author of Gimme My Money Back

“If your finances are a horror show, Zombie Economics shows you how to drag yourself and your money back to the land of the living. The authors give you straightforward, easy-to-implement strategies that can help you prepare for any setback.”
—Author of The 10 Commandments of Money and Your Credit Score

  “I love this survivalist approach to financial freedom. If people developed this mentality and followed this approach, they could absolutely fix their money issues. Plus, it's a hoot to read.”
—Author of New York Times bestseller You’re Broke Because You Want to Be

"Zombie Economics is the rare financial self-help book that is also an exciting page-turner.”

—Author of The Physics of Superheroes and The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics


Lisa Desjardins   Rick Emerson

Lisa Desjardins is a correspondent for CNN Radio who also reports for CNN.com and CNN television. She works -and spends a good deal of time employing survival strategies in- the US Capitol, where she has covered extensive financial issues, including the collapse of 2008 and the Wall Street reform bill passed in 2010. Lisa has also worked for the Associated Press in Washington, and WIS-TV and WBTW-TV in South Carolina.

Lisa received her master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She is also a proud graduate of the College of William & Mary in Virginia, where she earned a bachelors degree in economics.

She has been honored by the New York Association for Black Journalists and has received a prestigious Peabody Award as part of CNN’s team covering the 2008 election.

Lisa and her husband, Jason, live in Alexandria, Virginia.

She is an ardent Redskins, Red Sox and Gamecocks fan.


Rick Emerson is a radio and television broadcaster based in Portland, Oregon. He is the host of The Rick Emerson Show, which has enraptured/annoyed listeners since 1998, and of KRCW-TV’s Outlook Portland.

He is the author and star of the one-man show Bigger than Jesus: The Diary of a Rock and Roll Fan, as well as the feature-film of the same name, and has displayed his limited acting ability on such television programs as Leverage.

Rick and his wife, Lara, moved to Portland in 1998, and consider it their adopted hometown. They live on the city's glorious east side, and are embarrassingly precious about their two dogs, Max and Philo.

You can have Rick's Oxford Comma when you pry it from his cold, dead hands.

Email: rick [at] zombieeconomics.com

Todd Werkhoven    

Todd Werkhoven is an award-winning copywriter who has worked for clients including FAO Schwartz, Intel, Adidas, and Kroger Foods.  He is a published author, whose work has appeared in various print and magazine outlets, including Newsweek.  He is also a Sunday School teacher, an after-school science instructor, and nanny.

Email: todd [at] zombieeconomics.com


We're glad you've made it this far. Welcome to the Zombie Economics weapons archive–a place to reload your financial-tracking arsenal. Below, you'll find additional copies of all the Zombie Economics worksheets, including Key Survival Numbers (that handy reference guide located at the end of the book).

Whether your income has changed, your employment status is different, or you've made those difficult -but crucial- strides in reducing expenses, you can use these fresh worksheets to update your financial situation accordingly.

Should you decide to re-up all at once, we've included a link to a bundled download containing all fifteen worksheets. (This is also for readers of the Zombie Economics eBook/Kindle versions, as the pages of such formats are often "non-writable".)

If you experience any technical difficulties or issues with download, please contact us via: tech@zombieeconomics.com.

Here's to survival.

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  Additional Content

Throughout Zombie Economics, we've made every attempt to keep our information "timeless"; to make it a resource you can use for months and years to come. To that end, certain footnotes/sections refer you to ZombieEconomics.com for details, usually in reference to data which is subject to frequent update and change. You'll find the additional information and external links for these references posted at the Zombie Economics Forum, here.

Note: the following info is, by its very nature, subject to change, and may be revised and/or removed/replaced as circumstances warrant. The content of linked, external sites is not controlled by ZombieEconomics.com, and is solely the responsibility of the linked party.

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